Podcast, here we come

That’s right. Next week, you’ll be able to listen the first episode of The Practical Feminist podcast.

A great friend of mine has been asking me for months to think about doing a podcast, but I couldn’t come up with an idea that I thought was worthwhile. Then, following a suggestion from another friend, I started this blog after shutting down a much more personal one. That’s when I realized this might also be the perfect idea for the podcast.


Knowing that very few people on the planet would want to sit and listen to me just speak, I approached Ruth to join me as co-host.

Why did I think this – The Practical Feminist – is the right idea for the podcast?

I’m glad you asked! 😉

One of the things that blogging and using other social media channels has allowed me to do in the last few years is find my voice. Surprisingly (and I mean that), some of what I’ve written has struck various chords with people and I’ve come to realize how important it can be to share our experiences. That, sometimes, people need to read something and be able to say, “Me too.”

With feminism and feminists constantly dealing with backlash, I think it is as important for us to identify ourselves and speak up on issues that affect our lives, whether those issues are professional, political, or personal (and, yes, the political is personal).

Standing up and giving voice to the challenges that we face as women in the workplace, at home, in our community, and in broader society is important, because it’s the first step toward action. And in the interest of full disclosure and walking the talk, Ruth and I are also engaged in some other projects where we’re taking that action. (Don’t worry. I’ll update you on those things as appropriate.)

Ruth seemed to me to be the ideal co-host, because I’ve known her professionally for a few years and she has always impressed me as this intelligent, compassionate, strong woman. I always feel better about life and the world after a conversation with Ruth. I always feel ready to go out and do things after a conversation with Ruth. I also think that, whilst we both identify as feminists, discussing issues around work, politics, community, education, and other current events with a woman who came to her feminism differently and at a different stage in her life than I did has potential to be really interesting to those who might listen.

When I asked Ruth to share why she decided to join me in this podcast, she said the most truthful and obvious answer was “because you asked!”


Ruth’s motives for agreeing to co-host are similar to mine.

Recording our first episode
Recording our first episode

Whilst she indicated that she has a strong desire to learn more about feminism, its origins, its waves, and – most importantly – ideas and views that answer the question of “now what?” Based on what’s just happened in the United States, as well as what’s happening in the rest of the world and close to home, what concrete things can we do with the swelling of feelings that Ruth describes as feminist in nature to make the world a better place?

We both agree that we need voices. Ruth is passionate about and committed to helping women overcome the apparent confidence gap that keeps us from fully participating. Without that feeling of confidence, we can’t/won’t/don’t participate and so will not achieve the parity we talk about and seek. In order to walk that talk, she does things that are outside of her comfort zone, and identifying as a feminist is one of those things, with participating in a podcast about feminism being another big leap.

As of right now, three episodes have been recorded and the first one will be released this week.

We hope that you enjoy it and that you’ll share your feedback with us on The Practical Feminist Facebook page or by tweeting us.