This is why I marched

In this powerful piece, Valerie shares why she marched and why she continues to work passionately for what’s right.


I marched because it’s fucking 2017. I marched because I can’t walk down the street with my son in a stroller without being cat called. I marched because people have this insane belief that muslim women who choose to wear a hijab are oppressed. I marched because of the thousands of missing first nations women and children. I marched because we live in a democracy. I marched because I’m an advocate for equality and not being there would have been bad for my soul. I marched for support, solidarity and strength. I marched to empower. I marched to take up some fucking space for once.

I marched because I’m angry.

I’m angry at the entitlement being felt for mother earth. I’m angry we can’t collectively, as a society, embrace equality. I’m angry for everyone who is feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. I’m angry that when I’m passionate it’s seen as aggressive. I’m angry that “pussy” is slang for weak. I’m angry I won’t get paid the same as my male counterpart. I’m angry that what I have to say is easily dismissed. I’m angry because conversion therapy is a thing. I’m angry that there is practically no separation of church and state. I’m angry everyone has an opinion of my body. I’m angry I have to write this.

I marched because I didn’t know what else to do. I marched because I cannot and will not be complacent. I marched because I will not be silent. I marched because sexual assault is not taken seriously by law enforcement or the justice system. I marched to learn. I marched to listen. I marched because Black Lives Matter. I marched because I want to help. I marched because I love this country and everyone who has shaped it. I marched because diversity matters. I marched because people should be free to love who they want. I marched for love. I marched because it’s my right. I marched because I’m privileged. I marched because helping people matters. I marched for my family.

I marched for basic human rights.