Quick Update: Falling through the cracks

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By way of a quick update:

The kids are still housed at the motel and are happy to stay there as long as possible, because it means they can be together (addressing her safety concerns and his anxiety). They are being provided with food by the local food bank and my friend and I are using small amounts of the money to supplement that with milk and fruit (by either taking it to them or giving them grocery gift cards in small dollar amounts).

I feel it is important to repeat that our experience with these kids is that they are incredibly grateful for everything that everyone has done for them. Whilst they need the occasional nudge to keep the motel room clean, they have been good at managing small amounts of money and managing the food that’s been given to them.

My friend and I are working as much as we can with all of the various agencies and caseworkers to best coordinate the services they need and to get her the assistance she wants and needs around the pregnancy. Both kids have expressed that all of their caseworkers are permitted to speak with us about their history and current situation, so that makes our work a little easier when those caseworkers abide the kids’ choice (and most of them are).

I can only speak for my and my friend’s experience with them, but they have been polite and cooperative and grateful in every interaction.

There is no question that, given all of the challenges they face, they are challenging to serve, but those challenges are not because they are simply trying to be difficult.
I want to reiterate that although I work for one of the agencies these kids have been involved with, I am doing this as a private citizen. My involvement would be the same if I worked for a financial institution or a law firm downtown.

Finally, I know that everyone who has helped is eager for updates on this situation. It’s not realistic to post an update every day, as things don’t move that quickly, unfortunately, but I will post every time there is something significant to report.

EDIT: Here’s a link to my conversation with Tom McConnell on 610CKTB this afternoon.

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