It’s not pie

This will be a short blog entry.

There’s a meme that makes the rounds on the interwebz every now and then that says something like, “My asking for equal rights doesn’t mean you lose rights. It’s not pie.”

And that about sums up the backlash against feminism, anti-racism, and so many other social justice movements that do not put the middle-aged, middle class, heterosexual, able-bodied white man on the pedestal he so often feels he deserves.

We are not asking for the bar on equal rights to be lowered. Rather, we are asking for women, people of colour, and all other groups to be raised to the same bar.

We know, through so much research (check out studies about Catalyst, Canadian Women’s Foundation, Jackson Katz, and Michael Kimmel, to name but a few) and actual experience that greater diversity – in gender, race/ethnicity, ability, etc. – means more positive outcomes in every facet of life, whether it be politics, business, community, education, or our own personal lives.

That anyone would not want everyone to have the same access to education, employment opportunities, housing, healthcare, political endeavours and so on can mean only one thing:

Justice sounds like oppression to the privileged.