UPDATE: Falling through the cracks

As you know, I encountered some homeless kids on the streets of St. Catharines on Thursday morning.

I spent a significant portion of my time on Thursday and Friday, stopping by to check on them, bringing them food, and learning more about them. From the get-go, I was painfully aware that the little bit I was doing wasn’t anything close to what they need. Continue reading “UPDATE: Falling through the cracks”

Niagara Podcasters’ Network Fundraiser

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 25, 2017), Ruth and I will join the rest of the show hosts on Niagara Podcasters’ Network for a fundraiser at Mahtay Cafe & Lounge in St. Catharines.

We’re raising funds to purchase equipment to improve the quality of existing shows and to bring you more shows. Local media is important to each of us, and we have a diverse stable of shows and hosts who are bringing you new stories each week. Some with a very local slant, others with a broader slant, but all interesting and entertaining. Continue reading “Niagara Podcasters’ Network Fundraiser”

Women Know.

Originally written by me May 30, 2011, I was asked to share this again:

I was reading this story the other day, and it has compelled me to tell my own story. Admittedly, my story is nowhere near as harrowing as hers, and I know – as I write this – that several people I know will cast judgement and it may even cause some friendships to come to an end. However, given all the tactics used by anti-choicers, including but not limited to their fear-mongering, I have to tell my own story in an effort to offer support to those women who make the choice to terminate a pregnancy. Continue reading “Women Know.”

Anti-racism rally in Port Colborne

For those of you who wanted to but were not able to attend, here’s what I said at today’s rally in Port Colborne:

I was 18 years old when I met James, the man who would become the father of my children.

When he asked me if his being Chinese was going to be a problem for me, I couldn’t fathom what he meant. Why in the world would it be a problem for me? Continue reading “Anti-racism rally in Port Colborne”