“Men are our greatest allies”

Except, of course, for when they’re not.

I know this won’t be a popular thing for me to say. It will likely get me (re)branded as a man-hater. Because we all know that feminists hate men, right? But it needs to be said.

So, okay, yes, of the allies we have, men are the greatest of those allies, because who else would it be? Continue reading ““Men are our greatest allies””

Men: Use your privilege to help us

Typically, we hear about male privilege – and especially white male privilege – in the context of how it hurts everyone else. Today, I want to point out that – whilst we don’t have to like it – that male privilege can also be used to help women.

A few days ago, I shared this article on social media: What’s rape anxiety? This woman explained it to her favorite men, and they were shocked. In the article, the author shares some things she believes women would want the men in their lives to understand when they hear the women in their lives talking about harassment and violence.

I am fortunate in that the men in my life not only listen to me when I speak about my experiences with harassment and violence and how it impacts women on a daily basis, but they’ve also come around to advocating right alongside me. Continue reading “Men: Use your privilege to help us”