Wait. How are you NOT angry?

Lots of people who don’t agree with me call me “angry.”

Now, on a day-in-day-out kind of basis, I rarely feel anger. I do not get angry about other drivers or about my kids not cleaning their rooms or about not being able to find a parking spot or about having to pay for parking or about the casserole dish that inexplicably exploded in my oven last night.

I rarely react to daily life kinds of things in anger. Continue reading “Wait. How are you NOT angry?”

This is why I marched

In this powerful piece, Valerie shares why she marched and why she continues to work passionately for what’s right.


I marched because it’s fucking 2017. I marched because I can’t walk down the street with my son in a stroller without being cat called. I marched because people have this insane belief that muslim women who choose to wear a hijab are oppressed. I marched because of the thousands of missing first nations women and children. I marched because we live in a democracy. I marched because I’m an advocate for equality and not being there would have been bad for my soul. I marched for support, solidarity and strength. I marched to empower. I marched to take up some fucking space for once. Continue reading “This is why I marched”