Hate does not live on “many sides”

I am the white, able-bodied, heterosexual, cis mother of two children – a boy and a girl – whose ethnic heritage is Chinese, English, Filipino, and German.

I am appalled, disgusted, opposed to, and I unequivocally condemn not only what we’ve seen in Charlottesville these last few days, but also the behaviour and social media activity of one of our local regional councillors, and all racism. Continue reading “Hate does not live on “many sides””

You don’t like that women marched?

Yesterday, what is being called the largest protest in history took place in the form of the Women’s March on Washington. An event that saw women from 616 communities around the world gather to protest the kind of man who is the new President of the United States.

I organized an event here in Niagara that saw more than 200 women show up to march and share their thoughts, feelings, and stories. Hear some of our voices here.

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