I’ll never stop believing survivors

Every time I speak out about sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape, someone screams “false accusations” or “innocent until proven guilty” or “women assault men too” or all three at me. Every. Single. Time.

Let me be very clear, I believe survivors. I will never stop believing survivors. Will I be wrong to believe someone at some point? Probably, but it’s highly unlikely, so I will always err on the side of believing someone who says they have been harassed or assaulted. Always. Continue reading “I’ll never stop believing survivors”

On the idea that feminists hate men

This was originally written by me and published on my old blog on March 26, 2016, which I point out particularly because there are references to events that happened around that date.


5e3166a83153df4cc8a1a715a0e0033eA few days ago, in response to a friend posting about our Prime Minister declaring himself a feminist (and saying he would continue to do so), a man posted that women have more rights than men and that it is not women who suffer inequality, but men. Continue reading “On the idea that feminists hate men”