Piece of meat

I originally wrote this a little more than four years ago and published it on another blog. The response was overwhelming. I am re-publishing it here today, with some edits, to accompany Monday’s Practical Feminist podcast episode about rape culture and to reassure whomever is reading this and relating to it that they are not alone.


The first thing you have to know about this post is that it will be very difficult for some of you to read. Please tread carefully. Read the tags I’ve put on it and then tread carefully.

There’s been a lot going on in the world of social media and in my life that’s compelled me to write this. It’s deeply personal and, before I even start writing it, I know it’s going to be deeply painful. Continue reading “Piece of meat”

This is rape culture

I’m going to describe two separate but extremely similar events to you and then I am going to tell you very frankly how I classify them.

About a month ago, at a public event, I encountered a man who I know only in a professional context and really only barely know him. As I and two women with whom I work approached him to walk past him, he shook the first woman’s hand, then he shook the second woman’s hand, and when I put my hand out to shake hands, he grabbed me by the shoulders, pulled  me in for a hug, and kissed me on the cheek. Continue reading “This is rape culture”

Speak Out

This past April, just six months ago, I took to social media – as I often do – to voice my displeasure about the implications of the outcome of a certain high profile sexual assault case. In doing so, I also shared some of my personal stories about street harassment and sexual assault.

Shortly afterwards, N reached out to me asking to discuss the issue further and, when we met for coffee, she immediately asked, “What can we do about this?” Continue reading “Speak Out”