Women in politics – facts and figures

This entry was originally published on the Niagara Next blog on November 6, 2015, and can be found here.


So after I mentioned that only 20% of Niagara’s current municipal politicians were women, someone inquired whether that figure had gone up or down since the last election. Also, in my interviews with Debbie Zimmerman and Laura Ip, both mentioned the need for more women to run as candidates in municipal elections. (As I have more time for further research, I will be updating this page.) Continue reading “Women in politics – facts and figures”

Women in Politics – Interviews with Laura Ip and Debbie Zimmerman

This was originally published on the Niagara Next blog and can be found here on November 2, 2015.


Following my post about Mishka Balsom’s treatment by Regional Councillors, I received a lot of shock both at the decorum of Regional Councillors and the lack of women on Regional Council (only 4 women out of 31 positions.) Many, myself include, believe there’s a connection between these two issues. Continue reading “Women in Politics – Interviews with Laura Ip and Debbie Zimmerman”

Jessica and Rey have changed my life

Originally written by me on January 10, 2016 (posting here from another blog, because I’ll be writing a follow-up shortly).

Yes, I went that far. I said Jessica Jones and Rey are life-changing characters. And while part of me wants to back off on that and say it’s an exaggeration, a bigger part of me is yelling, “No, you leave that title right there, it’s exactly right!”

Let me explain. Continue reading “Jessica and Rey have changed my life”