Women Know.

Originally written by me May 30, 2011, I was asked to share this again:

I was reading this story the other day, and it has compelled me to tell my own story. Admittedly, my story is nowhere near as harrowing as hers, and I know – as I write this – that several people I know will cast judgement and it may even cause some friendships to come to an end. However, given all the tactics used by anti-choicers, including but not limited to their fear-mongering, I have to tell my own story in an effort to offer support to those women who make the choice to terminate a pregnancy. Continue reading “Women Know.”

Why they marched

Edward Stanley writes to explain to President Trump why millions of women marched.

President Trump, I am addressing this explanation to you. I seek to explain something that you don’t get, that your supporters don’t get, and that many onlookers don’t get – why millions of women marched in protest of your presidency almost as soon as it began. Since I couldn’t capture every reason, I’ll stick to one. I have just one message for you, and you know better than anyone how powerful one simple message can be. There is noone alive today who needs to understand this message more than you do. Continue reading “Why they marched”