The silence of our friends

Last week, nearly 100 men in Niagara attended the Coalition to End Violence Against Women’s (CEVAW) 101 Men event, featuring Jackson Katz and his Mentors in Violence Prevent (MVP) training. Since that day, I have read a few tweets, a Facebook post or two, and a newspaper column about how interesting and important the conference was; about men needing to act; about men needing to treat violence against women as a men’s issue to join in the fight to stop it.

So far, and – to be fair, it’s just five days later – I have neither heard nor read anything about what specific action will be taken; what specific action men who attended the day’s workshops will engage in. Continue reading “The silence of our friends”

I am not a beautiful woman

I am a difficult woman for many people, maybe especially men, to take.

They don’t know what to make of me, so they attribute fault, rather than engage in self-reflection to determine what makes them find me so intolerable.

It is not the words I speak so much as that I speak them at all that makes me less beautiful. Continue reading “I am not a beautiful woman”