My feminism and my love of boxing meet

To follow up those last three posts about boxing, indulge me for a few minutes whilst I tell you about a project that I’m working on.

Seven years ago, I tried boxing on a dare. I walked into FightFit in St. Catharines and it wasn’t long before the sport that I’d previously considered barbaric and requiring little skill became the sport I loved precisely because of how much skill is required. Continue reading “My feminism and my love of boxing meet”

Why some people box

I posted this just about a year ago on another blog as I was training for my second fight. I did not write this post. Rather, it is a copy and paste of an article that is also linked to in the first paragraph.

(Please support: Boxing made accessible to everyone.)


If you’re still trying to wrap your head around why some people box, this is a great read: How Boxing Got Me to Face My Fears

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How boxing and violence against women are different

Just shy of a year ago, I was training for my second fight and promoting it on social media. Someone challenged me and told me that I was encouraging violence against women. Here’s what I wrote at that time.

(Please support: Boxing made accessible to everyone.)


It’s nice to be on vacation. It means I can go to Energy whenever I wake up in the morning and not at obscene o’clock. So, yes, I started yesterday off with an hour on the bike and “travelled” the equivalent of 15.07 km. Seems that’s all I can muster on the bike whilst reading a book. I did increase the intensity, though, so the calorie burn was higher. Continue reading “How boxing and violence against women are different”

Podcast, here we come

That’s right. Next week, you’ll be able to listen the first episode of The Practical Feminist podcast.

A great friend of mine has been asking me for months to think about doing a podcast, but I couldn’t come up with an idea that I thought was worthwhile. Then, following a suggestion from another friend, I started this blog after shutting down a much more personal one. That’s when I realized this might also be the perfect idea for the podcast. Continue reading “Podcast, here we come”

We must raise the bar

You’ve heard it before. You’ve been discussing an incident of domestic violence or sexual assault with or in the vicinity of men and a man has piped up and said, “That’s not my problem. I don’t abuse or assault women. I respect women and treat them right.”

And that’s all well and good, but maybe we need to raise the bar of what it means to be a “good guy” a little higher than simply “I don’t abuse or assault women.”

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Women in politics – facts and figures

This entry was originally published on the Niagara Next blog on November 6, 2015, and can be found here.


So after I mentioned that only 20% of Niagara’s current municipal politicians were women, someone inquired whether that figure had gone up or down since the last election. Also, in my interviews with Debbie Zimmerman and Laura Ip, both mentioned the need for more women to run as candidates in municipal elections. (As I have more time for further research, I will be updating this page.) Continue reading “Women in politics – facts and figures”

Women in Politics – Interviews with Laura Ip and Debbie Zimmerman

This was originally published on the Niagara Next blog and can be found here on November 2, 2015.


Following my post about Mishka Balsom’s treatment by Regional Councillors, I received a lot of shock both at the decorum of Regional Councillors and the lack of women on Regional Council (only 4 women out of 31 positions.) Many, myself include, believe there’s a connection between these two issues. Continue reading “Women in Politics – Interviews with Laura Ip and Debbie Zimmerman”