Creating an environment that engages women

This was originally written by me and published on another blog on January 6, 2015. Given some of the posts I have planned and some other projects that are in the works, it is relevant to revisit it.


Over the last six months or so, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of the members of the local JCI branch. Just before the holidays, I received an invitation to speak to JCI St. Catharines about creating an environment that engages women. Continue reading “Creating an environment that engages women”

Dear Americans

This morning, I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. I didn’t eat; couldn’t fathom eating anything until quite late in the day. I was certain that if I tried to eat something, I would absolutely vomit. I have been walking around all day stunned and mostly silent after last night’s American election.

Yes, I’m a Canadian. Yes, that means I didn’t vote in this election. Yes, that means many Americans think I should mind my own business. Continue reading “Dear Americans”

Jessica and Rey have changed my life

Originally written by me on January 10, 2016 (posting here from another blog, because I’ll be writing a follow-up shortly).

Yes, I went that far. I said Jessica Jones and Rey are life-changing characters. And while part of me wants to back off on that and say it’s an exaggeration, a bigger part of me is yelling, “No, you leave that title right there, it’s exactly right!”

Let me explain. Continue reading “Jessica and Rey have changed my life”

Speak Out

This past April, just six months ago, I took to social media – as I often do – to voice my displeasure about the implications of the outcome of a certain high profile sexual assault case. In doing so, I also shared some of my personal stories about street harassment and sexual assault.

Shortly afterwards, N reached out to me asking to discuss the issue further and, when we met for coffee, she immediately asked, “What can we do about this?” Continue reading “Speak Out”