This is why I marched

In this powerful piece, Valerie shares why she marched and why she continues to work passionately for what’s right.


I marched because it’s fucking 2017. I marched because I can’t walk down the street with my son in a stroller without being cat called. I marched because people have this insane belief that muslim women who choose to wear a hijab are oppressed. I marched because of the thousands of missing first nations women and children. I marched because we live in a democracy. I marched because I’m an advocate for equality and not being there would have been bad for my soul. I marched for support, solidarity and strength. I marched to empower. I marched to take up some fucking space for once. Continue reading “This is why I marched”

Why they marched

Edward Stanley writes to explain to President Trump why millions of women marched.

President Trump, I am addressing this explanation to you. I seek to explain something that you don’t get, that your supporters don’t get, and that many onlookers don’t get – why millions of women marched in protest of your presidency almost as soon as it began. Since I couldn’t capture every reason, I’ll stick to one. I have just one message for you, and you know better than anyone how powerful one simple message can be. There is noone alive today who needs to understand this message more than you do. Continue reading “Why they marched”

I marched this weekend

This isn’t your typical “Why I marched” blog entry. This is from one of the men who marched with us. Trevor Twining shares his thoughts about the experience and where to go from here.

I’ve never marched for anything before. Most who know me would probably say I’m not a very political person. I have opinions, of course, but those tend to reflect from the work I’m doing, which is usually unrelated to the political sphere.

But Saturday was different. After Laura and I had first talked about men not attending, it became clear that enough wanted to show up that it made sense for me to join in. To count myself amongst those for whom this issue was important, and let people in our community see the counting. Continue reading “I marched this weekend”

You don’t like that women marched?

Yesterday, what is being called the largest protest in history took place in the form of the Women’s March on Washington. An event that saw women from 616 communities around the world gather to protest the kind of man who is the new President of the United States.

I organized an event here in Niagara that saw more than 200 women show up to march and share their thoughts, feelings, and stories. Hear some of our voices here.

Continue reading “You don’t like that women marched?”